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Welcome to Martignoni Slop Disposal

Welcome to Martignoni slop disposal. On this site you will find more information about the company Martignoni Slop Disposal and the activities we perform.

Martignoni Slop Disposal is a dynamic, customer, environment and logistics economy, since many years working in the ports of Rotterdam and surroundings.

Since October 2008 is Martignoni slop disposal to carry out its activities under the control of Martens Cleaning to
Nieuwdorp Zld.
This collaboration is Martignoni still wider and more flexible than that in recent years been.
We can now cover a wider scope to our collection and our customers as well as shipping agencies, better service.
It is also possible outside regular working hours to collect. In addition, the collection capacity by deploying multiple barges at a time.

We always keep close contact with our customers to them in this way to keep our activities.
In addition to our collection activities, we have several ways of washing water to collect and process. Also we can offer various options on the clean cargo tanks, etc.
Like to discuss our opportunities with you to create an appropriate solution.


Fot further information, look at the site of Martens cleaning www.martenscleaning.nl

Martens Havenontvangst-installatie Vlissingen

Spanjeweg 2
Havennummer 8614
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Martens Havenontvangst-installatie Rotterdam

Eemlandweg 13
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3089 KS Rotterdam
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Fax: +31 (0) 113-352442